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apply for staff
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Apply for staff
If you would like to apply for staff please read the following rules!

here are the vacant jobs:
graphic designer:
must know how to code layouts and must have good quality work done at most one week. (must have example)
graphic artist:
Must be capable of drawing nice and original pictures such as adoptables. Must know how to code. (must have example)
site inspector:
Must know complete HTML and must have site experiance. Must know little CSS. The site inspector must look thru all pages and report 404s and missing pictures also any other problem with the website. Site inspector will also have to occasionaly fix the problems!
copy inspector:
A copy inspector must be able to search websites making sure people have not been stealing pics or ideas.
advanced jobs:
Must be able to explain easily how to make a sertain thing such as a basic layout. (must have example)
Site moderator:
Site moderater must be on each day and make sure things are running smoothly on the website. Must also inspect shout box.

To get a job on this site please send your application to catz